December, 2008, we were in a Target Store in Ocean, New Jersey, we happened upon the customer service counter and saw a Mexican woman with her child having trouble communicating with the Target employee. She was trying to find out if a pajama came in her child's size. Her baby was crying so loud that the mother became flustered and could not communicate what she needed. We instinctively took an Elmo balloon and walked over to the child to distract her from crying. While her tears turned to giggles, her mother gained her composure, and was able to communicate her question. As we entertained the child with peek-a-boo games and animal sounds, the mother thanked us profusely, and explained how hard it was to manage her child's schedule while having to run her household. She was a Mexican immigrant who gave birth to her daughter in America and raising a daughter in the United States with limited English language skills seemed very frustrating.  She asked us if we did baby sitting, we instinctively turned to each other with big grins.

It was from this story of  one year old Katherine Santos-Guzman, that our Brothers Helping Others program evolved. Over the past few years, we have mentored 5 children concentrating on Asbury Park, New Jersey, where there is a large percentage of under privileged American children born to immigrant parents. Through these 5 children, we have met many of their friends from the neighborhood who we have entertained with BBQ's, carnivals, birthday parties and book clubs. 

Our Mission is to never turn down a family in need. Our goal is to continuously expand our borders and to offer our services to a vast variety of under privileged families of all backgrounds. We volunteer with children and families of all backgrounds and have established a "no limits" mentality. Our services include a weekly after school rotating visitation schedule, tutoring, sports clinics, birthday parties and events. We also help non-speaking English parents fill out passport forms and school applications. We provide to our disabled toddlers assistance with nursing schedules to accompany our rehabilitation exercise visits. All donations-monetary, goods, and services are greatly appreciated  and directly impact our ability to continue working with every family that requests to join our program. We are always looking for high school volunteers to help our Asbury Park, New Jersey growing family. Finally, if you need any assistance for your family or children, please contact us to join Brothers Helping Others.



create by Maurice S Shalam