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HALEY's BHO Dance Group Goes Global!

Posted by Maurice Shalam on Friday, February 28, 2014,
      We are so proud of all of our BHO students who worked so hard to prepare 
for the President's Weekend Performance in Puebla, Mexico! Thanks to Haley 
Shalam who spearheaded this years passport campaign . Each of our American born 
students  who participated were able to obtain their very own passports so they 
could travel with Haley's BHO Dance  Group. Haley prepared the students  for the 
trip by creating an old fashioned pen pal project that we were all excited to 
participate in sin...

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Posted by Maurice Shalam on Friday, February 7, 2014,
     We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, by taking all our BHO students to a musical presentation reflecting the civil rights movement that was hosted at the Congregation on Monmouth rd. The children were able to see a slideshow of Rev.King's speeches and discussed how MLK JR was a transformable figure who fought for inherent human rights for all Americans. The afternoon was highlighted by Haley Shalam's BHO Dance group who's choreography depicted hardship and repression that bloss...

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Check out this link to the article about us in the COASTER september 22 2011.