Autumn brought our BHO family a lot of action packed events. From scavenger hunts to beach clean ups we have taught our students how to have fun while giving back to the communities around us. Special thanks to all our Volunteers at this year's Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen and to all the BHO children who decorated our Turkey cookies.  
The annual Scarecrow contest was an entertaining success and we are excited that this year's winner was created by our very own BHO soccer team! They won for originality as well as their creativity, which included the turf and sport scenery around their special Scarecrow Soccer player.
We would like to thank all the volunteers and family member's who have joined us for our Sunday mornings' crisis management sessions. We have really helped ease the children's fears of family deportation as well as guided our BHO children on how to respond to selective bullying they have endured in the school playgrounds after the Presidential election results.We would also like to thank our BHO team for aggressively helping each of our American born students apply for passports as well as assisting BHO parents with bilingual forms. 
We are looking forward to Sunday's tree lighting festivities and are excited to watch Haley's dance team preform their "hands across the world" routine. This special performance will have a healing message for our diverse community that will culminate with an interactive group prayer of hope for all participants who will interlock hands around the tree to create a strong sense of positivity and unity for the coming New Year.
May all the volunteers and participants of our BHO family find strength and leadership this holiday season, as we work together, to affirm our motto to "Bridge the Gap around the world".
Peace and comfort to all,