From Valentines's cookie decorations to today's big after school celebration - February has been full of fun! 
   Special shout outs to our nine  BHO birthday boys born on leap year!! Today's big birthday bash  was highlighted with playing Leap Frog and painting ceramic Frogs , emphasizing how our BHO family sure knows how to have a "leaping" good time! 
   We are getting ready for Sunday's clean the Beach BHO project. All volunteers will be picking up each of their group members at 8:30am. We are excited to show the community how important  the environment and recycling is to the BHO family. 
  Haley Shalam will be organizing the St Patrick's day dance for our annual event - all volunteers please contact Haley for sign up sheets . 
    We are leaping out of February -Excited to land with our best feet forward into  a powerful March!